Unicorn Gifts for Girls Gifts for Birthday, Christmas, Easter, and Other Events

Updated 2022-11-20 12:46:53

This jewelry box with unicorn music box makes an adorable gift for kids ages 8-12. Upon opening the box, a magical unicorn begins dancing to the song Over the Rainbow. Plus, your little one will enjoy the high-quality unicorn necklace and bracelet included in the box.

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Unicorn Gifts for Girls Gifts for Birthday, Christmas, Easter, and Other Events

This unicorn plush comes with a gift box

This 3 for 1 gift is a truly special keepsake for the older unicorn lover in your family. This is a vintage music and jewelry box with necklace and bracelet for your special someone. Open the box and the unicorn inside will spin to the tune Over the Rainbow. There are cushions for rings, large compartments for bracelets and necklaces, and even a secret drawer at the bottom. The chain and bracelet are adjustable and, of course, come with a unicorn charm. If you don't already have a musical jewelry box to pass down to your family, start a tradition with this beautiful unicorn.

This unicorn plush is incredibly beautiful and interactive

Everything about this interactive plush toy was designed for the most unicorn-obsessed kids. Trumpets light up in different colors; wings flap; Starlily dances; she responds to sound and touch; she has a long mane of pink and purple that can be braided and brushed again and again. The toy even comes with a "sugar berry" that your little one can feed to StarLily when they're hungry! StarLily is big enough to hug, yet small enough to take with you. This unicorn friend is recommended for ages 4 and up and requires four C batteries to operate.

Perfect for travel, this adorable role play set includes a super soft plush unicorn. This unicorn also has a magical glowing horn, glittery wings and holographic pink hooves. She can magically examine her unicorn friend with a stethoscope, listen to her heartbeat, and then reward her for being such a good patient with a delicious apple treat.

This unicorn plush is sure to be a hit with any young girl

Unicorns have almost always been popular with little ones and teenage girls, but their popularity is skyrocketing these days. There are unicorn design options for everything a child could want or need, from backpacks to tea sets.

This Naturally KIDS White Unicorn Kids Foldover Bag with Removable Unicorn Plush is the perfect size for kids. The soft unicorn with colorful rainbow mane is beautiful. Your little ones will love it and this toy will become their favorite travel companion!